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how to spot common spam scams like the 'Nigerian' email scam, Phishing, Work-at-home and others..

also known as 'managed funds', 'pooled investments' or 'collective investments'.

On May 9, EU and US Regulatory Financial bodies issued a final joint rule requiring FCMs and IBs to adopt a Customer Identification Program (CIP) as part of their Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Program.
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What We Do For You
At FreeWare domains you can receive a real 100% free .COM .NET or .ORG domain name for your website. Only conduction is that you do have to have a website before you apply for a domain. Currently we provide free dot.COM dot.ORG and dot.NET domain names but other extensions like .EU .info .mobi etc. can be arranged in special circumstances.

We at FreeWare Domains take care of the domain name registration and all the associated costs. We also renew your free domain registration for as long as you keep your website alive. If for whatever reason you stop updating your free web site domain and we can not get in contact with you for more than 6 month we reserve the right to cancel the domain and stop renewing it for you.

We can help you with finding free domain hosting, so that you have a free domain and gratis hosting with no ads. Free domain web hosting will be provided by one of the third party providers. If you already have a free web hosting that supports free domain name hosting apply for a domain so you have a more professional web presence.
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How can we offer 100% free domain names?

It is important for our customers to known how we recoupe the costs associated with buying, managing and renewing domains for them to see that our business plan is vaible and we are heer for the long run.
(FWD started offering its services in 2007). We have never forced any adds on our customers as we don't like them ourselves, but we do ask that You place 3 (three) text links in exchange for our services. We usualy match the links to your sites content so you would not be seen as selling links.



Reseller hosting

Why are we doing this and how do we pay for all the free domain that we give out?

Simple - in return for providing you a domain name we ask that you place a simple text link to our site and 2 other sites on your pages. It costs you nothing to add a couple of lines of HTML code, but we can use this advertising space to promote our service and our sponsors that make FreeWare Domains possible. We do this because we want to help and when we stated out on the web there where lots of free stuff out there but not the most important one. As webmasters who have built their fists sites on free hosting we understand that free hosting can come and go, but when it ends you loose nearly all of your visitors because you used the free hosters address like . They stop their service or start charging money for it and you loose your address and contact with all of your audience. Now if you have a domain you can point it to any other free or paid hosting and continue as if nothing has happened. Your users will not even notice the host change, but if the address charges they would be lost.

Your Free Ware Domains team.

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